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Find out below about the benefits and features of the membership and how to access them.

Full video library

The membership gives you access to all previous webinars and lives replays. You can see the videos currently available here.


Meet other members, get support from peers, discuss specific topics. You get access to all of the Premium Communities part of the Premium Guides included.


I'll give you an automatic 10% discounts on all products and let you know before anyone about sales and promotions.


My members have priority on everything, including my very limited 1:1 support package. You will get the chance to apply before any spaces get announced on Instagram or the newsletter.

Free guides*

Your loyalty is important to me. For each 3 months that you stay, I will give you one of my popular guides - you choose!


Members get automatically signed up for my monthly newsletter, where I do an Instagram re-cap, give an update on my son's sleep, share exclusive content, and links requested by stories.

Close Friends

In return for your support, I want you to be my friend. I will add you to my Close Friends (and Priority inbox) on Instagram, where I will share exclusive question boxes & content. Please send me your Instagram @ handle.

Exclusive events

You will have access to member-only webinars, Q&As and other live events for free.

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