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Mother-Baby Sleep is an attachment-focused and evidence-based sleep education and mentoring resource for parents, aiming to normalise infant and child sleep and support families to get more sleep without sleep training. Parents deserve better1 They deserve to know that babies wake up in the night NOT because of something they did or didn't do! That breastfeeding to sleep is biologically normal and not a sleep crutch, that their bodies are not a danger to their babies (as long as safety recommendations are followed), that they don't have to sleep train or insist on a "gentle" technique that doesn't feel right and only works for a small minority of babies of a certain temperament (not yours!). 

For months I fought my natural instincts to stay close to my baby and respond to his cries, because the "experts" were telling me we needed to separate in order for him to learn to sleep! Screw that. Separation is not what babies need! I'll show you another way. You can make age appropriate gentle changes to optimise sleep, without leaving your baby to cry own their own. I have helped hundreds of families to sleep better and FEEL better about night parenting by reading my guides, attending my webinars, joining my community or working with me on a 1:1 basis.


Starting from £10, my highly comprehensive guides will walk you through everything around making gentle changes to sleep


Every month I run 1-2 live webinars on on-demand topics. Some of these videos are then available to be purchased later in the Video Library.


Currently offering one off troubleshooting calls, email support for 2 weeks and a full sleep support package including the gull resources library and unlimited whatsapp support.


The membership gives access to the entire video library as well as all my premium communities that come with my premium guides. You also get rewarded for your loyalty with gifts, discounts & priority.

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