All Parents Welcome

Mother-Baby Sleep is an attachment-focused and evidence-based sleep education and mentoring resource for parents, aiming to normalise infant and child sleep and support families to get more sleep without any sleep training. Don't be fooled by the name - whether you are a mother, a father, or a parent who doesn't identify with either those terms, you are welcome here.


Parents deserve better. Parents deserve to know that babies wake up in the night and it's not because of something they did or didn't do; , that breastfeeding to sleep is biologically normal and not a sleep crutch, that they don't have to sleep train or insist on using some technique that only works with a small minority of babies of a certain temperament (not yours!). 

The information I share on my instagram account @motherbabysleep and elsewhere is always based on evidence, but mostly it looks at what the norm of our species is from an anthropological point of view looking at societies around the globe as well as other mammals, and taking into account our differences and our need for adaptation in a modern industrialised world; it promotes closeness, responsiveness, respect, attachment and natural-term, on demand breastfeeding, but most of all, it promotes choice.


Nice to meet you

My name is Isadora, and I'm a mama to two boys and owner of Mother-Baby Sleep. I created MBS to help families struggling with the mainstream advise about baby sleep (things like "put your baby down 'drowsy but awake', "your baby should only ever sleep in a crib/cot", "breastfeeding is a bad habit causing your baby to wake up in the night", etc.).  For months I was fighting my natural instincts to stay close to my baby and respond to his cries, because the books and the experts were telling me we needed to separate in order for him to learn to sleep! Screw that. Babies know how to sleep! They have been doing it since the womb. And separation is not what babies need.


Sleep Qualifications:

- Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme (OCN Level 5)

- Baby-Led Sleep & Wellbeing Certification

I specialise in:

- Bedsharing and co-sleeping families (including moving on from bedsharing)

- Gentle Night weaning

- Nap transitions

- Babies and toddlers from 4 to 24 months

Approach: holistic and family-centred. I look at your whole unique family context, including your baby's temperament, unique needs, development & nutrition, any medical concerns affecting sleep that may require referral to a specialist; the emotional well-being of the entire family, their sleep environment, sleep history & current routines, as well as your goals & expectations. I help you to regain your intuition, involving you in decision-making rather than telling you what to do, promoting and strengthening inter-familial relationships, taking all family members into account, honouring your family's culture, religion and ethnicity and respecting your choices.