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My name is Isadora, and I'm a mama to two boys and owner of Mother-Baby Sleep.

I created MBS after facing my own struggles with sleep as a first time mum. When my baby wouldn't sleep unless he was right next to me, I looked for help and was told I needed to be firmer, I needed to let him cry, I was holding him too much, and I shouldn't be breastfeeding him at night. This people didn't know my baby or myself, and this advice simply didn't feel right. There had to be another way. From then on I was on a mission to learn about biologically normal infant sleep through the best sleep qualifications in the world and over 40 internationally renowned experts. I continue to benefit from ongoing education through their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, a community of other respectful attachment-focused sleep and child development professionals, and my own ongoing research and interest in any topics related to child development and sleep, as well and parental and infant mental health.


Below you will find out a little more about my qualifications and approach.


Sleep Qualifications:

- Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme (OCN Level 5)

- Baby-Led Sleep & Wellbeing Certification

Approach: holistic, developmental and family-centred. I look at your whole unique family context, including your baby's temperament, unique needs, development & nutrition, any medical concerns affecting sleep that may require referral to a specialist; the emotional well-being of the entire family, their sleep environment, sleep history & current routines, as well as your goals & expectations. I help you to regain your intuition, involving you in decision-making rather than telling you what to do, promoting and strengthening inter-familial relationships, taking all family members into account, honouring your family's culture, religion and ethnicity and respecting your choices.

My services:

- Guides/ e-books: I have written a number of comprehensive guides on popular topics such as Night Weaning, Moving on from Bedsharing, Moving Back to the Crib, Helping Sensitive Babies Sleep, The Ultimate Guide to Floor Beds and Gentle Transitions, Introducing Partners and other Caregivers. These are also sold in Bundles, including an "All Guides Bundle".

- Webinars: I regularly run free and paid webinars on the topics most requested by my Instagram audience. 

-Community & Membership: The membership is wehereh

- 1:1 support: you have a choice of a one hour troubleshooting call or a complete 4-week support package. I welcome babies and children from 6 to 36 months and I specialise in bedsharing or co-sleeping families, but everyone is welcome.

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